the end

The world you love, and in which you grewhas changed forever, for the record, you have toothis is the end of time, at least as we have known itthe world changes faster each and every momentexponentially, technologically exploding;the wage gap widens, sinking or floatinghungry, homeless, extracting my tooththe tv beckons "relevant news"Elon Bezos ride to spacelearning how to leave this placetrillions of dollars gone to space
exploiting all our resources here
they have bled their people dry
as they blast off to the starsI have to wonder whyI can not afford to fix my mouthI can not afford to own a houseMy children suffer while they chase cloutTragically suffered, evolved, found outNever more should humans hungerOr plead a medical caseWhile rich men play in space.


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