The End

Staring at the phone
Wishing someone actually cares
Looking back at the past
Remembering all her dad's hateful actions
No one knows what she truly feels inside
She hides it better than a killer hides the body
Slowly drowning in her pain
Lost in a sea of memories
She sits in class
Thinking of ways to end the suffering
Thinking of ways to end the torture
Dying more and more inside
There's just no one there to save her as she falls
As she plunges to her death
She gave up all hope a long time ago
She gave up all faith
Everyone sucked her dry
Now there's nothing left
Now she's just left empty
Crying as she drives off a cliff
Knowing this is finally the end
No one was ever there to help her
No one was ever there to save her before it was too late

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