Welcome to the encylopedia

Volume one until infinity 

I was once a single cell

Too that same cell, I am an epiphany 

And to that epiphany, I am me 

How ironic to suggest 

"Spencer, you know that you are you?"

Shh, of course I do, that is why I am UPSET

But in that very same breath 

That is why I am HAPPY 

I miss being young

When all you worried about was laughing

Should I stop typing now? 

No thanks, I am DETERMINED

You are sent here from Heaven

You chose life, now learn it. 

This duality has changed me 

This deep, dark corner of the brain

I never accept that I get DEPRESSED 

I never accept the rain

But what is life without LOVE 

What is life without HATE

What is life without FUN

What is life without PLAIN

What is life without SMILES

What is life without SHAME 

Through this yingyang effect

I found out I am all of these things

Welcome to the encylopedia 

~ Spencer D. Johnson



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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