Love: You can't shut it out, like the crashing of a wave,
Once it starts there is no stopping it
So I try to enchant you with my smile,
But I'm afraid it's just not your style

I try to impress you with my brain,
But nothing changes- it's all the same
I try to reach out, but you're not there;
My lonely heart grabs at air

My heartstrings reach out and cling to yours
My heart an eagle, my heart soars
Then the drawbridge goes up and the walls come down
My abysmal heart is left with a frown

I try to still my hearts ache;
My love I'll give, your love I'll take
Why won't you just be at my side ?
To love and to hold, to talk and confide

But you never notice- you don't care !
To love me, you wouldn't dare
The stars shine down on my empty soul
If you would just love me it would make me whole.

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My community


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