Empty Tear

Tue, 09/29/2015 - 20:38 -- Zealora

One tear

Because that's all I can spare

You slowly walk away

It is finished

This last sunset

This last laugh

This last moment

Gone, forever

The rain then came

And washed away my tear

I lost it in the rapids--

The only thing connected to you

I reached out

To find it

But in vain

Why should I try

To find you again?


If I did find it,

What then?

It wouldn't be what I knew

It would have changed

So I stopped

It was finished

But one thing I knew--

I definitely knew--

Even though the tear would be empty

And lifeless

And cold

I wanted it back

So I could never let you go


Still I wonder

Should I look?

But I smile

And walk

And look

Towards the dawn

It is finished

Though I love you still

And I'll wait for the tear

To come back

I have to fill this tear

With things I never had


...But please come back

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