Empty Ones

People who judge others harshly do so     
to fill the emptiness in their soul     
with words that cut like the bitter pill     
they swallow with their morning coffee     
Judging others without understanding     
how utterly stupid and weak they themselves are     
to have to eat the pain they cause others     
just to keep themselves fed     
oh empty ones,     
lay down on the cool sweet earth     
spread out your arms and lay flat the hands     
that do no good in this world     
give leave of your poisonous thoughts     
feel the vibrato our mother sends out to all her children     
wrap yourself in her brown earth     
and let yourself feel the love from her     
that you are so void of in your own life     
give in to her song Oh dark heart     
for there is beauty in your vessel     
though you know not where, nor why, nor how     
for you have only known the pain     
your forebears gave to you       
to fill the void their own emptiness brings about     
teaching you their charade dance of life     
that says the fruit of others will sustain you     
though the black winters of your life     
for you were born surrounded by the dark webs     
they created for you out of their own ignorance     
wrapping you tightly to hide you     
from a light they have never known     
and therefore you have never known     
Take my hand and the hands of the many others     
who so willingly, would lead you down the path     
Of true strength and mightiness, sharing with you     
the secrets of true power     
The power in giving without taking     
the power in loving without hurting     
the power in crying without being weak     
and the strength it takes to stand on ones own feet     
without having to crush the bones of another.     
True Power is having the ability to take from someone, yet not doing so. Power is a choice.   
You are not hopeless yet 

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Our world


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