Empty Man

Void and tart
I have the blackest of hearts
Very well, I play my part
I am the Empty Man

Pointless as a beach with no sand
Hollow as coins not found in an open hand
A beggar's stand
Tasteless as tofu so bland
And again
I am the Empty Man

I am dark, no darker still!
Dark are my thoughts and dark is my will
I was the man with time to kill, I even kill

But what's this light?
How it shines so bright!
Like an array of shining stars guiding my path on this black night!

I reach out to shake a hand! A tenderness and love so real!
That was a day that I made a deal!
To share this warmth and compassion that I feel
This void heart now replaced
With joy it be filled!
I am no longer the Empty Man!

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