Empty Hole

What is this empty hole
That seemms deeper than the Grand Canyon
That's so rigid, and all these different emotions
Was the Rain that cause the erosion
Of the lining of my soul
Thought it was anxiety, feelings I couldn't explain
But really it's just something missing
And I'm trying figure it all out though my life decisions
That seem to ultimately bring me down
Even when I feel like I'm on top of the world.
Cuase something on the inside just can't seem to be happy.
And this hole so deep, not even the most experienced doctor
Can numb me up and make it all close up
Instand I stand here unknowlingly knowing
Why the root to this problem is so dry
And it's unclear where the next rain drop
would be coming from but even I know
I would need a downpour to clear up this dry spot.

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