empty hole

There's an empty hole inside of me,

because my dad I'll never get to see.

I was as happy as can be,

until my dad left me.


Who would want to kill my dad ?

Who hated him that bad ?

These questions without answers make me mad.

This empty hole causes me to be sad.


No one can take a parent's place,

so why does my mom keep searching for a replace ? 

Maybe she also has an empty space.

No one can outshine my dad, not even in a race.


In life you can't have it all,

there''s some things you can't buy at the mall.

It hurts when you fall,

but you gotta bounce back up like a basket ball.


I can't be any longer in denial,

I understand i won't see my dad for a while.

But I have to remember to smile.

and make life worth a while.


There will always be an emtpy hole inside of me,

without my dad it is hard to be,

but I want to be the best me,

and become as happy as can be.



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