Empty Glasses

Tue, 10/01/2013 - 22:32 -- DaryleK

I am honestly too young to drink 

The alcohol fills my throat has me drowning But not from my own intake but by your words . Your words that hit me like empty bottles .  One too many . Shot glasses.  It stings when it goes down . And i can't take itThat's why i'm too young to drinkYour voice changesLike a sweet lil girl that you wanted me to beA drunk man doesn't tell any liesI don't lie when i say thisI see it fills you up. You go back and forthI'll be right backAnd come back with two friends that You can sip by the minute I was here waiting .Does your head hurt yet? You seem to walk with a twitch in your stepI laugh out loud but frown insideThe drinks don't look good on you But i won't tell youYou tend to tell too much,lecturesSome Informational, some truthful , all painful.Here comes another glassRaise your hand ,2 shots please !There i am drowning again. in my own sea of drinks &glasses that fall overIt gets into my eyes and form tears They don't taste salty, just stings my throat.Maybe that's why i'm too young to drink 


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