Emotionally Segregated (By the Bump)


Though for the last few months

Everyone looked at her

With judgement and disgust,

She felt beautiful.

She did make one mistake;

She admitted that.

But that didn't mean that

There was anything wrong

With her choice. 

And she felt so unloved, 

So emotionally segregated.

People would have been upset

Had she gotten an abortion.

Others would have been upset

Had she used birth control.

And even more would have been upset

Had she put the baby up for adoption.

But soon she had to face the truth,

You can never make everyone happy.

She and her boyfriend decided together,

That they would raise that baby,

Nothing anyone did would stop them.

They were happy with the decision,

And that was all that mattered.

And he would forever stay loyal,

Be forever devoted.

Because when their beautiful daughter

Was born, he looked at her and was sure

That there were only two people

In the world that he cared for.

And it was funny how after she had that

Ring on her finger, those dirty looks stopped.



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