There is no way to describe

The feelings you have when someone dies

You lose a vibe

And all of you want to do is cry.

Now, I have a story to share with you

With how people reacted to this person that passed

No one knew what to do

When we learned it was Eme's last.

Eme was drunk driving and ran into a tree

She flew through the windshield and was hanging out of her car.

There was a voicemail and you could hear her trying to breathe,

If only she hadn't left that bar.

The next day everyone heard the news

There was not a dry face 

No one, for a while, will be having booze. 

It was way too sad to go look at the place.

The sad thing is, this girl graduated 5 months ago,

And our school didn't do anything for her.

Not even a prayer and half the teachers didn't even know.

We had a ceremony for Eme, but it was a student's idea, his name was Spencer.

We had to do something for this child,

She was special to us, even if our principal didn't care.

Our teachers didn't teach and went wild.

It's not fair for this girl that was there

For 4 years and can't even get honored through a prayer.

And the best part is our principal is a sister!

We went to the office and gave sister the death stare

I rubbed my hands until I got a blister.

We went off on her for not doing anything for Eme

Her only response was, "everybody knows about it so it doesn't matter."

We couldn't believe her response, but the whole school became a team

And we all went to her funeral, which was even sadder.

Sister was there, but left shortly after.

At least we said something to her so it could wake her up.

All we could do is let out some laughter!

All you can do is stand up

This girl needs to be heard about to stop drunk driving

But not saying anything makes it seem like it's okay.

It's not alright and no one is surving!

So don't do it and don't let anyone have a say

If they tell you "I'm not drunk... I'm fine"

Because then you will be the one helping them die.

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