Ellie's Millcreekerbury


It is August seventh the day is finally here,

Summer is officially over you can smell the freshman fear.

A long line of cars already starting to form,

Impatient teenage drivers creates the perfect storm.

We are officially seniors just eight months away

From achieving our goals of graduating in May.

SAT tests and applications galore

At this time of year you'll have your hands full for sure

While counting down the days till I can leave this place,

There have been many different groups that I have had to face.



First are the athletes who spend hours practicing their sport

Preparing for game time to win student support.

They walk around in their letterman jackets full of pride

Hoping to achieve a winning season and hit their stride.

Trying to stay hydrated and keep in shape,

They intimidate their opponents who run for their escape.

Dedication and time management are important traits they possess

As they work hard and get good grades getting their names in the press.

Wearing all Nike or different athletic brands,

Spending all their time outside they are much tanned.

Not only are they athletic but they are loved by the masses

Getting Recognized and making friends in all their classes. 


Then there are the Nerds who blend in with the crowd,

Quietly doing their work in class barely making a sound.

Their jeans are pulled up and their shirts buttoned high,

Squeaking their shoes in their hallways they aren’t very sly.

They don’t own the latest clothes, shoes, or shades,

But they have the one thing we all need the most which is grades.

Scrawny and skinny it’s obvious they don’t work out,

Punching numbers in their calculators saying the answers without a doubt,

They must have forgotten their locker combinations with book bags that big,

Saving time in the hallways no wonder they are the first ones to trig,

Spending all of their time studying they don’t get out much,

Although you can depend on them for last minute tutoring coming in clutch.


Last but not least are the druggies at school,

Skipping classes all the time thinking they are cool.

If they ever show up on the rare occasion

They have a list of excuses mastering the art of persuasion.

Their eyes are glossy and red,

Focusing only on food their grades are dangling by a thread.

Wondering around school they seem confused

Probably from the array of drugs they used

They don’t have any future goals or plans,

Ending up homeless on the street begging for money with cans.


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