Sun, 11/04/2018 - 08:33 -- Lmaynor

This is for all the brothers and sisters that fell before their time.
Laying on their back because of another's crime.
Time to open our eyes and step out our cage.
I gotta few people to help; Now introducing to the stage....
What's up y'all, they call me Sandra Bland.
Don't hear about my case because it's hard to understand.
Some say I killed myself, some think the police hung me.
The truth is, I'm done questioning it because I'm finally free.
The true hell is living in a world that changed from 'separate but equal' to 'close but unjust'.
The distinction between the races decreases but the hatred always remains, they look at us in disgust.
It not because of our color, so don't be mistaken.
They know the depth of our roots and how their futures are forsaken.
Taken outta slavery, just to get put back into another one.
I'm sitting here waiting in my coffin for the everlasting race war to finally be done.
But that's it for me, ima past it to my dear brother.
Remember, stay together, be united for the fight, and be good to each other.
Sincerely Sandra.
Check It out, it's me, Rodney King.
Ima bout to provide you with so much knowledge that your ears will begin to ring.
I've had my own deathly experiences with those said to 'protect and serve'.
Adolescent minds not easy to sway, so they learn for themselves the world's curve.
This is a warm world with cold people, made to procreate, but chose to destroy.
Brought up to know that life won't ever be on my side since I was a little boy.
Before I knew it, my life reversed before i could even blink.
All because in black, and it had to be the day I chose to have a drink.
Still no excuse to get beat half to death.
And I'll forever drive in the hatred of my abusers until they take their last breath.
There is no justice, the is no peace.
It's time to get rid of these crooked police.
Time to slide to Layla, my lil sis.
She's gonna change the world, but she needs y'all to assist not resist.
Put aside the petty obstacle you view as an issue.
Unite with each other so this war will no longer continue.
Good Looking big brother and sister.
May you rest in peace, this world is gonna miss ya.
These cops, have their Priorities so
messed up that their dilemma is: A life VS. My Pockets.
Think it's natural to beat a body and to later proceed to mock it.
More concerned with looking like more of a man with money than
more of a man that saved a life instead of taking one.
Their goal is to destroy and exterminate, and they'll continue until we are done.
My name is Layla Maynor, and I'm gonna help save the world.
And I just need to know, are you with me?

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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