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Dear Eli,

Should I start at the beginning or the end
Baby I swear you were more than just my friend
We talked time and time again
Then the 6th grade had to end

I left for a year then I came back
I saw you
You saw me
But we didn't even get to chit chat

One thing I can't forget are those eyes
Those blue and gray eyes
It reminds me how perfect our souls are in the sky  

High school began and once again we couldn't be friends
The stares you gave me were the things I held onto baby

We were like a teddy bear
we might've been torn but our hearts still beat
Even though we were both in morn

I didn't want you to be my distraction that's why I stayed focus
I ignored you once again yet you still tried to keep our plan in motion

We both thought it was a fresh start but both our souls started to drift apart

10th grade came around and the same shit went down

I felt like what we had, had been choked and drowned

Eli it's not your fault it's mine, I never gave you the time

But then last year I tried to make it clear

You ignored my request and that put me in fear

My hand is on noon and hers is on 6 zoie you are the longest endeavor and you're are not worth any of this shit

You pointed the sword at my neck you didn't think twice and you had no regrets  

Did you find someone else, is she better than me

This has gone on so long
I'm singing the same old song

The stares, the hope, the emotions were all there

when our souls dance the stars stare

Did you find someone else, is she better than me

What if it's too late

And by the way congratulation on getting a full ride to Miami State

We are nothing anymore and that's something I want to explore
Why did we end
Why Aren't we friends
Why couldn't we stay in touch every now and then ……

From your true love, Zoie 

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