stepping onto an elevator and hitting close

time seems to pass slowly even if its story five 

as the numbers pass and pass i can see my reflection 

skewed and warped in the elevator glass

when did it get so gloomy why do i look so sad

an elevator ride so daunting 

as i study my face and stare at those eyes

they look so vacant on the clear crystal glass

and avert my eyes and i cant stand the sight

of the watering lids 

of the eyes who look so lonely

the pain and desperation that escape through my sighs 

the man in the corner happily hums a tune 

and taps away

why cant i stop the elevator its one finger push away

please push the emergency button

please dont leave 

cant you see im rooted to the floor of this desolate machine

my floor keeps passing me why cant i leave

its suffocating in here 

why is it so difficult to push the button

why cant i stop the pain

you leave so easily and go about your day

and the door closes and my reflection is cast back again

so broken and fragile

alone once again

this elevator can hold tons

but will the weight of my thoughts put a stop to it 

time passes so slowly in here 

its so easy to leave

the elevator music is fine 

ill stay until the next person comes by

maybe then


the emergency button can be pressed

i can be free

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