Elephant In The Room


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Elephant In The Room.


The path of light and creative altruism is narrow.

While the darkness of destructive selfishness is just too easy.

You know what they say, No pain no gain.

But- Maybe- that's just too cliche.

Like lately- it ain't quite plain.

Love is the answer, its very humane.

To deny oneself for the sake of others can lead to denying venial pain.

The game of ignorance is equivalent to the consumption of 2 gallons acid rain.

Like, Wow let that sink in.

Don't close your eyes to make it go away, Lord knows I've done it.

Foolishly we plead for more by diving into an afternoon of comfort,

Rather than a life on the outskirts.

Outskirting the box of oppression.

Back beat, the word is on the street. That,

I have a dream, that of freedom. It's oh so sweet

Like let me put it this way-


Three Nails and 2 wooden beams

My hero made that true.

He died on the cross for me, and just for you.

The man of Galilee laid it all down for ultimate equality.

He brung social justice for the people.

For the least connected, he gave love.

He scorned those who were filled with pride.

Those who called themselves of God at the time, yet knew none of him.

But to truly be just, is to be there for those who are in deep need.


From the slumdogs of India to the Syrian Refugees,

From the kids of West Africa suffering from hunger and of disease

To those struck by the typhoon in the Philippines.

And the people in Gaza that need relief.

Including the LGBT, they are loved.


Now i'm not the goodest of the Samaritans.

But lifes most tenacious question is, “What are you doing for others?”

I'm just a kid with the Golden Rule in mind.


I want to live to cure the sickest.

Please don't hear my words and walk away like life is okay.

‘Cuz it ain't always sunny in Philadelphia.  Listen.

The stars shine in the darkness, and glow sticks shine when they are broken.. so,

Love others, whether they are worthy or not, and be soft spoken.

Love so that this world may see our maker, for that love is his essence.

Proof of his presence.

Now, lets get the elephant out of the room.

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