Elemental Love

Sat, 10/01/2016 - 17:23 -- MARs

"I am sorry, my Love." I say as I slam the door in your face. "This has to stop,

our feelings we must erase. The world devours the things we hold dear, and

though I'd love to hold you, the end draws near.


You see, my love for you is akin to a fire; burning, greedy, no need for a lighter.

Carelessly thoughtful, but not really sought after. The friction in my heart is the

elemental factor.

But my love for you is also like water; It flows so freely from my heart, if you

pile up pebbles it will not stop, I will not stop, no matter if a few puddles dry up.


My love for you is like air; with wings like a bird, feeling, I don't care.... who

knows this, because, love is beautiful and I want to share.


But mostly my love for you is like the ground; the sturdy foundation, if you ever

start to fall I will carry you through times of trepidation."  I realize I love you,

and I can't live without you, and I just know that you feel that way too.  I open

the door, my smile leaving my face.

You're gone.

I wonder when you walked away.





MVP-Most Valuable Poet


very personal and sincere

realize that mistakes we did, God forgives

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