Elegance is grace, in every way,

A beauty that can never stray,

It's found in things both great and small,

A quality that touches all.


It's in the way the willow sways,

In the softness of a morning's haze,

In the gentle rustle of a dress,

And the way a flower’s petals caress.


Elegance is found in every place,

In the poise of a dancer's grace,

In the music of a well-played tune,

And in the light of a rising moon.


It's in the art that we create,

In the words we choose to relate,

In the way we carry ourselves,

And in the way we love and delve.


Elegance is not just in the eye,

But in the heart, it's also found to lie,

It's a way of being, a way of life,

That brings us peace and helps us thrive.


So let us strive for elegance,

And let it be our daily stance,

For it's a quality that brings us peace,

And lets us find true beauty, and release.


Elegance is a graceful dance,

A beauty that goes beyond chance,

It's a sight to behold, a wonder to see,

A thing of awe, a true mystery.


Elegance is the way a flower blooms,

A gentle curve, a subtle perfume,

It's the way the wind rustles through the leaves,

Or the way the sun sets over the seas.


Elegance is in the way we move,

A fluid grace, a rhythm to prove,

It's the way we carry ourselves with poise,

And the way we speak with gentle voice.


Elegance is the way we dress,

A simple style, a timeless finesse,

It's the way we choose our words with care,

And the way we show respect and share.


Elegance is a quality to aspire,

A standard of beauty to admire,

It's a reflection of our inner selves,

And the way we live our lives on shelves.


So let us strive for elegance each day,

In every little thing we do or say,

Let us embrace this gift of grace,

And make our world a more elegant place.

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Our world


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