election day

it's usually an exciting time to vote

letting voices be heard by casting votes

to see who we feel can govern our country to be unify

instead we have two goons running for presidency where their knowledge is not only puffed, and love that does not edify

more so, they are both evil in different ways

for instance

hillary on two presidential debates wore all red on one, and all white the other

you can't represent Jesus and satan at the same time

that's like a guy saying he is a man and wears a dress

she calls color people predators

the email scandals that include a guy name anthony showing his weiner to minors

committed illegal activities where she gets a pass

if that was me, you, or anyone else, a 9-5 hard working person who committed these crimes will be put in jail

and contribute to mass incarceration where prison cells have our number ready to be worn in a jump suit

then you have donald trump

who is openly racist

have borders put up against mexicans

incite violence by satisfying evil's appetite by injecting hatred to souls

who are weaken by distortion of truth

where truth is compress by the oppression of abomination 

we need to decompress hate by Faith in ending sins of mortification

what is more poignant about this circus is not how we need to laugh at entertainment

but the tears my wife was shedding when abortion became a woman's choice that needs to be bury deeper than a basement

that is a crime that a decision can be made about killing a baby

there are women who aren't able to conceive a child

and this is what i have to look forward to come election day tomorrow

having heard all of this garbage coming from mouths that's full of trash

i'm going to vote, not for hillary nor donald

His name is God

He's the President

Jesus is the Vice President

Holy Spirit is the House of Representative

what would be powerful

if nobody voted for both earthly candidates

that's wishful thinking

no matter who wins

it's a lose lose situation

regardless of the outcome, Lord, You are my true President.






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Mr. MVP deftly weaves together subject matter that is both personal and political. He continues to shape the conversation on modern poetry.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

I'm speaking facts with such boldness
Thank you for the luv and support brother

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