Election 2016

I’m speechless but I must write.

Last night, Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States of America. Did I ever think I was actually going to write that? Absolutely not. But this is the reality we’re all living with now.

I’ve been extremely active on Facebook as all of my friends can see. Sorry for spamming your Facebook feeds, but I refuse to stay quiet.

I’m not going to lash out on the Trump or Third Party voters. They are people just like me, and you and everyone else. They have feelings, thoughts and opinions too. They have the right to vote and put it into action in the best way they see fit.

I will not ask the Trump supporters or whatever to unfriend, unfollow or block me, or for them not to talk to me anymore. I don’t mind differences of opinion, but I do mind hate. If you hate your fellow human, I urge you, I plead and beg of you to remove yourself from my life. I agree with Anne Frank when she said “in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” But if you dare say another human being is not worth life on this earth simply because they are African-American, Hispanic-American, part of the LGBTQ+ Community, a woman, Muslim, Islamic, Mexican, an Immigrant (legal or not)… I do not consider you to be a friend. I will not acknowledge you. Case closed.

The hatred that has been shown in the past twenty four hours is absolutely repulsive and shameful. I’m still in shock and almost disbelief.

For those of you who may not know, Roosevelt University is a social justice school. There’s even a major just devoted to Social Justice. My school was practically silent today. Most of the people in my freshman class for CCPA were in tears. Several of my friends are fearing the well being of their loved ones, the people around them and fearing their own lives at eighteen or nineteen years of ageWhat have we become, America?

I was raised in a good home, one that taught me to love my fellow man, as I would hope to imagine others were too. I was taught you can disagree and maybe not like someone, but you always show love. You show forgiveness and compassion. Not hatred. I was taught to reach out and befriend people, especially if they were different from me. Who cares about the color of a persons skin, or their sexual preference or whatever? You shouldn’t because they’re humans too.

With that in mind, am I scared? Absolutely, I’m terrified of the risk our country is at right now. I’m scared for what this election entails for me as a woman. I can’t begin to imagine the fears of African or Hispanic Americans or the LGBTQ+ Community. The list goes on. I worry about the well beings of my friends and coworkers and peers at school, and at home and in the world that don’t fall into the heterosexual, Caucasian, male population.

I’m not going to deny the fears that are completely legitimate with this new president, this fear should be used as a call to action. Rather than sitting stunned in front of our TV screens as we watch the Cheeto Man get sworn into office January 20th, speak out, stand up and fight back. Refuse to stay silent. Scream out against injustice. Be there for your friends of color. Support the LGBTQ+ community. Ask what you can do to help. If you aren’t scared for your well being, stand up for other’s. If you hold a societal, economic, etc. privilege, use it to do good and help minorities. People have to have each other’s backs.

I beg of you to create something from this. We’re stronger together. Find positivity. Measure your life in love. Hold hands with your fellow human and rejoice in the fact that you are alive and have a voice and you can make a difference. 

Be good people.



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