Eight Months Later

Eight months later and she faces a new life

Started out green to this disease that's so mean 

Now she's ripe from the changes that strike 

Her old life fades away 

What used to be normal would be a luxury today 

Now all we can do is pray and hope for her health to improve one day  


But that’s always harder to do than to say 

To just sit back and pray 

Because that means you’re accepted it 

No longer rejecting it 

Taking it in but letting it go 

Because there's not much you can do when doctors don't even know 


It’s all a mystery, this disease called cancer

So many questions, so few answers

My soul screams with frustration 

Seeing and feeling this desperation 


The worst case scenario crosses all our minds 

Call me naive but optimism is still divine 

Positivity can bring on tranquility

A miracle can always occur 

That's why I grip my hope with such fervor 


I watch my mother fight this battle but not alone 

Stronger our family bond has grown 

One day we will look back at this as a hurdle on our track 

And continue praying for all those that lack 

The health they need to avoid this strife 

Those in our current position 

Eight months later and they face a new life



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