Eight Men

Sun, 11/20/2011 - 19:02 -- ppadmin

I loved him from the depth of me
wanted to ride and die for this nigga
just as long as he ain’t lie to me
with disgusted eyes he looked at me

ashamed to see his baby
in the arms of another nigga
from underneath those sheets I peaked to see
thoese eyes I’ve seen one
too many times befoe

“baby it isn’t what it looks like I was just-”
evening up the score from what was a million heart breaks to one but
son, its not easy to do what was done but
I had to vent.



It is great that you have so many different perspectives in this poem, including your own and who you are writing about because it adds depth to the story you are telling.


By Seeing the title it wasn't what I thought but I enjoyed it!

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