Ego / I'm Fine

"I'm fine" is a phrase that everyone knows all too well

A  phrase used as a mask to deceive those

who were daring enough to ask

"Are you okay?" 

Most of us should know that 9 times out of 10

we are lying

Forcing ourselves to make people see an illusion 

An illusion where we are players of a game

The hero who tries to overcome any obstacles

no matter how


no matter how


no matter how many life's we have to


We are determined to play this game with no Player 2

We are too ashamed to ask for assistance

because we don't want to be seen as weak by others

We want to think of ourselves as

self able-bodied

But deep down we know that

we can't fight every battle with a level 1 wooden stick

We can't live through a war of

a thousand thoughts to

one mind

We want and need to talk about what's bothering us

We want to open up to the vast warming colors of



and acceptance

We want that helping hand

that could take some of the burden off of our

aching minds

To feel like we don't have to walk


on this path of Life

full of creatures of the unknown

  roads that lead to nowhere 

and that gigantic hole in the ground that makes us

turn back

instead of taking that leap of Chance

The chance that if we jump

we will be saved by another passing by on the other side

extending their hand and lending their ear

because they know how it feels

to feel like you're stuck in this endless loop

of making up lies so people's point of view on you doesn't change

But we tend not to take that opportunity

We can help ourselves 

So if I ever push you away

I'm sorry

I don't mean to

It's just a habit because

I'm a prisoner of my own ego

that was formed by the people

that had high expectations of me

When I tell you I don't want to talk about it


But I can't tell you that because

that's like biting the hand that feeds your self image

God forbid you step out of line with

a cry for help

So I'm forced to sit still

be silent

and hope that I don't give my true feelings away

And if by chance my emotions do show;

"I'm Fine". 





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