The Effect Bullying Had On Me


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I’d go home crying every day, after being bullied and beat
Looking into the mirror I’d tell myself that it only gets better
Grabbing the blade from my bathroom drawer, it wasn’t very neat
Fresh blood dripping down my wrist, only to be covered by a sweater
Each time I went to school, the cycle would repeat
I eventually wrote myself a suicide letter

One day, I said I was done
I packed away the gun
And threw my hair up into a bun
That day, school was my hardest run

“No more of me not being good enough,” I whispered to myself as I walked through the doors
Somehow, I discovered a new confidence within myself
I walked with my head held high, and ignored all the little whores
My fear was masked by the smile on my face
And eventually, it went back to how I was before

I was all smiles
It felt like I was on cloud nine
The sun had never shone brighter as I ran for miles
All I could smell was the heavy scent of pine

Now I have overcome my depression,
And I began to question
Why did I let depression control my life?

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