On the Edge

So close I could almost taste it.

Yet, all along, I knew I'd be scared to face it. 

The thing I'd been chasing

The one I'd been craving.

Yeah, I'm scared to face it. It's a paradox

A pandora's box

So I shut the lid and clicked the lock

and walked


God. Why do I walk away?


Standing on the edge 

on a shore, on the greate devide

where courage adn cawardice collide

and time is fleeting,  you must decide

you must pick a side

will you jump right in  or simply

walk away. 


See you always thught yourself intrepid

but when the hour came you ran and hid

you shut the lid 

stood on that hill

you looked down, you were contemplating


would ever dive in

or would you always walk 


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Our world
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