Smells like a perfectly baked cake that came fresh out of the oven as its aroma fills the room with wonder,

Tastes like the candy that we used to love when we were kids,

Sounds like a melody that just goes perfect with the movement of the thumping in your heart,

Feels like a dream, a forever going ecstasy

Feels like a Friday that goes on forever with no stops or trouble, just you and your gut having the time of your life,

Feels like the day you finally realize you can do anything if you put your mind and heart to it,

Feels like laying on floating clouds, and seeing the little imaginary fairies run around and play,

Feels like an overload of joy, as you jump in the sea made of chocolate,

Looks like the children of freedom and peace come and wrap you with the ribbon of liberty,

Seems like an illusion a beautiful, happy, outgoing, blissful,  one, that you wish you could be stuck in for the rest of your life.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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