Ecstasy in Tiny Wonders

 Most people think that joy is found

In massive thrills, events, and sounds.

But I have found it more often springs,

In little treats and smaller things.


The thoughts before I fall asleep,

The triumph of a challenge breached.


Chocolate, laughter, hiccups, home,

The silence when I’m all alone.


A new-found song, a whistled tune,

The radiance of a new-born moon.


A fresh, warm bed with clean, crisp sheets,

A book a friend gives me for keeps.


A picturesque landscape on a drive,

A sudden pleasure at being alive.


Hand-picked blueberries and new colored pens,

Old favorite movies watched again and again


The sound of pages turning, a visiting friend

Tears that come from a book’s happy end.


Massive stuffed animals, a comforting hug

A couch and good book, with hot tea in a mug.


Some people think that joy’s only seen

In momentous events and big revelries,

And yet if we thought this is actually true

Our pleasures would be very far and too few.


Thus I’d firmly protest and gently say

That Joy can be found in every new day,

The simple thrills and tiny pleasures

Can fill our days with boundless measure.


I must simply stop and learn to see,

The copious delights surrounding me,

And help my friends see at a glance

My world so full of light and dance.


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