Ebb the Expansion


In 8000 B.C., Agriculture was a thing brand new,

Since then our numbers, they grew.

For more than 8000 years, with a growth rate under 0.05 percent[1],

The global population began its slow accent.[2]


By scientific estimate humans have been around for 200,000 years,

Living their lives in the vast frontiers.

In all of this time, it took us until around the year 1800 to reach [3]one-bil,

There after our numbers ran quickly uphill.


The population did double in one hundred thirty years more.

But the growth it did continue to soar.

We reached three billion, less than thirty years after,

Starting to cause bending in the earth’s rafters.


It’s been fifty-five years since the rafters began to bend,

And still our growth is not likely to end.

Currently we exist at over seven-bil[4],

We have crowded this earth by own own free will.


Through all of human history the number has been on the rise,

Though our recent numbers could be our demise.

In the last hundred years we have been a global menace,

Killing and mutilating all nature in our presence[5].


This earth was not built to support our species dramatic expansion, with each tomorrow

Bringing more sorrow[6]

This is why I wish I had the power to change,

The human populations expansive range.

[1] The Global growth rate per year

[3] One billion people

[4] Seven million people

[5] We have killed of hundreds perhaps of species and destroyed countless habitats, so that we can have more space to live, land to farm, amusement parks to build, etc…

[6] Of starvation and armed conflict, wars, etc… in the developing nations And the rise of hate-groups and random violence in the developed nations



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