Easily, Hard

Easily in love, we were

hard to shut you out.

Easily you forgot

how hard you broke my heart.

"you'll miss me" I said

Easily you disregarded.

Hard for you to comprehend,

how easily I walked away.

Easily, not a dream,

but a hard reality.

Easily you pretend,

how hard you took this,

this break up.

you thought, how easily i could be


easily forgotten,

or hardly remebered.

How Hard you fell,

like when  you easily fell in love with me.

Hard, for you not hearing my voice.

Easily I ignore yours

Easily you miss my touch

hard for me to come near

how easily i moved on.

easliy you cry

hard for me to try,

and care

about someone who didnt..

Hard for you to break out

easily, i've been freed

Easily for you a bad reaction

for my hard satisfaction,

of no longer being easily second to

your hard list of "Who You should love"

Cause i hardly think about your  easily persuasive way

to get me back,

but, i'm hardly interested

easily I declined,

that hard message you tried to send

easily i see,

how hard it was for you to appreciate me

Easily you took me for granted

Easily I got tired of how hard it was for you to say you " love me"

but easily i got stronger

from the hard pain you gave me..


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