The Easier Way


The easy way out is usually a flaw of the mind that people will try to bind with the likeness of mankind and their way to justify that to get through life you don’t need to spend time. The belief that there is actually a road where everyone who makes it goes and you’re expected to follow in those footsteps in which you have not seen but apparently all lead to the same thing which is supposed to be the easy… but how is that when a wise man once wrote ‘the road less traveled by’ a poem about a man who takes the more confident way and doesn’t think that his skills should be left at bay just for the easier way… how often do we cheat ourselves of knowledge then expect for our abilities to be polished just to be disappointed by all of it. But it’s the easier way right? A supposed way for a person to relieve the stress of putting forth their best for them to pass whatever test comes into play… the easier way… what exactly are the benefits of this most simple way to dismiss the outcome of working hard night and day to put yourself in a ball and hide so that you can fit in with everyone you call “a friend”. Now when you go into what is called the real world you’re not ready and whirl because everything is so new but you were stuck in a dream where everything was not what it seemed and you’re still stuck because life was handed to you on your silver platter… work hard people


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