Earth's Daughter


Remind me


Tell me what I am

Tell me what you think I should be

I want to hear it

Remind me


Just ‘cause I’m female

I just shouldn’t be here

On this land

Hands in the earth

Breathing the air

Smelling the grass


Remind me why I can’t

Tell me why I shouldn’t

I belong in the house

The kitchen


I belong inside


I run through the field

And I listen

The cows tell me otherwise

They tell me the truth

That you’re lying

I belong here


Remind me

Who says I shouldn’t

Besides you?

You really think I care?

Did God say?

I doubt it


I scream it

I feel it

The water, the dirt, the sweat

When I bleed, I bleed earth

I’m a part of this

Remind me


A longer day

They tell me I can’t

I’ll burn out, I’m weak

Ha, you wish it

You wish I’d give up

But I won’t


Let me remind you

I farm

I grow

I make earth

I am Demeter



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