Earth Now...

I faithfully follow the father as i try to fight off fear,

because when reality sets in you truly see that the end is near.

As we damage this planet we take a step closer each day to pressure, poverty, pain and more.

Realize that we are a disease to this planet. We are killing it because everything has to be convinient or we lose our minds.

Nothing is the same, we have changed over the times of advancements in technology.

We are slaves to phones and everything we own.

Brain waves are jammed when wifi is turned on and now we don't think.

Earth has now become a pit of societal cyanide, We have no respect for the way we have survived.

The Earth is getting hotter, pollution is on the rise, and we can't see the problem when it's right infront of our eyes.

And this is why we are blinded.

All we see is happy faces when we turn on the TV.

The real news is the thing we have to dig deep to really see.

The question is why do they have to hide it?

They don't want us to see it because they want us to stay calm and under their control.

The reason why is because they are afraid that we will become more powerful than they could ever conceive.

The people possess the power, but refuse to use it because we have habitually distracted ourselves for far too long.

Our generation seems to think that we are owed something when it all goes wrong. 

Decades of bad examples have ruined us.

Leaving us believing that if you sweep your problems under the rug for people in the future to take care of is the right thing, but they ar all wrong.

So what do we do?

Do we keep following or do we change ourselves?

Questions circle my mind like cell signals circle our airwaves and you think i'm the one who's insane.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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