Each Day

Waking up, feeling like, got something to bring to the table

Figuring out what that is can make you very unstable

You try, but really, there is not a try

Either ride or die, fake or fly

Trying won't lift you high 


Out of the comfort zone you go, leaving the stones

Casting out what's left, no time to regret

First step, take left, no take right

Oh, who cares, hide in plain sight

Maybe no one will notice the plans you suffice

Get rid of unhealthy advice

The ones who tell you how you felt

Bringing you back to the Devil who dealt

But the man himself, set to die for your own health

So, you don't have to die, just life from the sky


Pouring out the blood for the next generations 

They say it's just an effect

But, they will see how He made it

What’s meant to be, thin jaded?

The sky above, the God who loves, the end will come

Each day magnify the greatest



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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