Subliminal emotions that we feel blind our eyes with different shades of grey till we can no longer see reality, and what it was, what it is, and what it could be.

You close your eyes and suddenly you feel comfort from the darkness, unaware of the world that lay around you, you look for answers in dark places.

A young soul who seemed to be misunderstood, it seemed like no one ever understood. But this is just life and one day it will soon pass.

Gone for eternity, eternity gone and is now in the past.

Nowadays you can never seem to dry your eyes so you cry and cry because you feel helpless. Stuck in the middle of a heartless world steady spinning and tilting you can't get off this ride. WHO WILL HEAR YOUR CRIES and stop the world..STOP THE WORLD...before you're gone for eternity..gone and in the past for eternity.. 


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