Dying of Thirst

Thirsty aren't you? Mother did always say that if someone ever offered you a drink, it was impolite to reject it. Yes society may pour you a glass but dont let them drown you. Yes society may pour you a glass but do not let them intoxicate you mother did always say watch your drink. Because somebody can put a little something in there that blocks your ability to think. Over the sink throwing up thoughts that you couldn't bring to the table because they said stay in your race ... I mean place. Yes society may pour you a glass but don't drink too much. You'll be looked upon as greddy, don't bite the hand that feeds you another whip of reality don't fight the land that frees you. Yes society may pour you a glass but mother did always say be polite, society has allowed you into their home so bring a house warming gift. Pour society a glass, dying of thirst. At the table of communion the red sea will come back together as the blood of Jesus is served in it's finest glass. They say it tastes funny but that's how everything tastes when you've never had it before. Dying of thirst, you rather sip juice from strange fruit that hangs upon trees. You reject the blood of Christ but praise the blood on the leaves... this must taste so sweet within your mouth. But you see, this is that unsweetened tea because sugar is bad for you and can get you sick. By the looks of it you already are and I see why. Searching for remedies within enemies when God is the cure, that's a medi-sin. Society, when will you change your diet? You consume all the unhealthy products of your community and wonder why you're never in shape to compete in the game of life. Yes slow and steady wins the race but time is in the lead and tommorrow is not promised. You can run for president my friend but running from reality takes far more energy. So i'll just leave this glass here whenever you're ready to quench your thirst.

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My country


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