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Roses are gold,
violets are silver,
I asked him if he loved me,
and he said never.
roses are silver,
violets are gold,
the last time you saw me,
I was out cold.
roses are dying,
violets are black,
everyone knows,
love is what I lack.
roses are brown,
violets are grey,
I know you will wait,
for the day I fade away.
roses are black,
violets are crying,
I'm in the hospital, 
they say I am dying.
roses are grey,
violets are brown,
nothing from you,
just a simple frown.
roses are red,
violets are blue,
you wanna help me,
but there's nothing you can do.
roses are blue,
violets are red,
you still won't love me,
even though I'm dead.
roses are green,
violets are white,
as my vision slipped away,
I wished you goodnight.
roses are white,
violets are green,
my tombstone says,


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