Dungeon Of My Mind

in the dungeon of my mind stretched forth the enemy rob you blind
in certain pillars through the windows chased back the film of you heart
put your head down to magic through the pillars diced on a pond to caress to flight
nature from the regime through the range ace to a bass let us know
through sudden marks of here & now...,

made my claim for us to play
for us to stay a hook for shoes
bottom basement dear
cosmic cashmere sweater dear
nice to the range a pillar to scream
through leaves that pursuit in the humble

do a dance traverse to the dance penetrate in advance
a bridge a gap stay source through making some spaghetti
notice the vast energy come to sit next to me play it cool don't you see
sold out to madness called to ignore the casket through the chains we get grafted in

cry me a melody once to a work in history laying down don't you see
cash in advance you could ever factual s crime with thunder to its extreme
called by silence through the edge in my mind loving turned around lift your head up high
like a closet arm band when to understand all the loop holes through each ballonn to mode

shaped back your dreams in the vanilla ice would help you think all shaped of a glossy permit
get a gloss show we are let to go through the closet cushion fold don't you know,
Dance through the cash advance a walk out the seperation all would end in jealously
some fall apart of the gay scene during its closet queen...,

Mercy me you closet queen for those to agree
painted faces filled with timeless ages
as long as you here some call it by fate
look out your window sought to march the windows

shades of black
chards of grey
sought for rice
a twist of the dice
wouldn't you like to know what's in you mind

running bases trains elated, closet windows hear the door bell swing
doors as to bow in the age of the fawn sister moon applaud..,
eat your fill give way toward song
shadows in the shining sun even hype to fill by song
weakness through the garbage in the pillar of your mind

adore ye
awakening thee
cash by the dream
pull await the closet queen

what words cuisine...
broad display
part single & defnately gay
a trance at which to its historic way

pull toward the notion in good motive to turn
long to turn one will burn
collage in the spot through Gin
sweet closet queen

rhymes we mix through a shade of a door
kicking it down with a two bit whore
be at tops with the pops
can be at the top of society fence
away far in a trance
fate in a trance

my lover sought through the timber bush
I only date women but I'm hooked with a song
bisexual nor down beat whore,
spring through the hedges
look to the stars you grow bars
time well spent with thought

alive she cried sought a radio flow beneath the brains

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My community
Our world


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