Dungeon dragon

Building up fire and rage
the past few days
felt like a dragon trapped
in a too small cage
in and out of reality
I phase
with an acquired taste
for doing dope
till im damn near comatose
never overdosed

Let`s have a toast to insanity
the only things coming out of my mouth
are squawks and profanities
droppin` shit
like i got verbal leprosy
for that there aint no remedy
catch me flirting with ghosts
on the coast
of reality

Building up fire and rage
the past few days
the dragon`s broken
out of it`s cage
i`ll be honest
i got a fondness
for medication and masturbation
from that i`ve got lacerations
on my brain and my balls
like the exorcist my heads spinning
I`m crab walking the walls


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