Wed, 07/17/2013 - 19:27 -- OBADIAH



The dawn of man is coming to end. The Son of Man is here this is no myth and not a child playing pretend. Mankind is evil from the day that we're born but there is hope as time passes and our skin is withered and worn. I live for Him, not the inverted pentagrams and shining sins. I live for the thrill of giving hope and handing the dead an escape rope. This world will soon be a wasteland and I'm glad I'll be alive to witness it first-hand. The subtle hints point at me like an armed gun I gladly take the bullet because there is no place to run. In death there is peace in life I'm just another abnormality. If I'm going down you're coming down with me. The angels descend and I've had the guts to repent and make amends. The dawn of man is coming to end. The age of hope is here it will never leave us again. 


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