Dumb school rap

going to school to get good grades.
now im going home to make lemonade.
im thursty as heck i drink all day.
going to bed to rest all day.
don't know where to go, just go all the way.
just caught a flight to montego bay.
so what do you say i wanna play-ay.
going to school got nothing to do.
im in the lab looking for sprite.
going to class and only got two right.
you look mad tight like you gonna fight.
it doesn't really matter it's all abnout height.
on the phone to use facebook.
at barnes n nobles to buy a color nook.
in the kitchen to cook some food.
at the faarm and hear cocka-doodle doo.
in the room to play xbox.
using ointment to treat small pox.
at the club check 2,1,2.
aint got nothing to deal with you.
at the school to learn spanish.
waiting for the teacher to go and vanish.
im taking a test i need to finish.
your 20 years old stop acting childish.


justin F



this poem was a great poem and it was very funny

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