Due to the Time

The time has arrived for a new leader in America's society. Donald Trump is the selected candidate to be president. What is his ambition for being the president ? A question, he can only answer because we really don't know. What are the tactics he will use to guide us in his presidency ? One thing, we do know is he is inexperience in politics. Do we doubt his authority, ideas, and dilemma on our account ? Due to the time, we really are looking for the best candidate we can find.What is the worst thing to happen ? Peace can prosper due to the account of who's in the high seat.War is a state of not living in peace. Does America even recommends peace at this point in time? There is a lot of people against the idea of a new president even a government. If you didn't notice, there is a war going on in America. People are dying at high rate in our own backyard. The death rate in 2015 hit 729.5 per 10,000 people.

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Our world


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