Duality in Queen Form

Thu, 10/06/2016 - 16:49 -- sth013

Some days will be submerged in Déjà vu. Others will be as dark as the thoughts she’s trying to shake.
One-minute white pure light surrounds her, the next, hot flames burn
throughout her body.
The blessing is Its never constant. Nothing in this life is constant.
Except for change they say….
Change? Constant? I guess opposites do attract.
Up. Down.
Left. Right.
In. out.
Top. Bottom.
All these opposites and still she stands Lost. But yet, Found.

Quiet. Dark. Lonely. Aching. Hollow. Weeping. Eye closing
2nd guessing, dream chasing, people pleasing, self-forgetting, time losing.
Lost. But yet, Found.
Eye open. Crown, chest, spirit, vibe High.
With each step her very essence screaming and claiming dominion.
Found has arrived.
She’s growing. Her roots have strengthened. Branches have stretched.
Flowers are budding. Eye has opened, acting as a light switch to her

And just like that light switch, she is duality.

Sun bathing, 2nd guessing, flower blooming, dream chasing, people
pleasing, melanin popping, self-forgetting, chocolate glistening, time
losing, life creating Queen.

Lost & Found, Existing as one. Existing in one.
My Queen, remember you are Duality. Never lost, just visiting.
My Queen. Duality; you are.

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Our world


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