The Duality of Nativism

Everyone talks about how blue the sky was that morning,They talk about the first responders who were quick to help the hurt,About the people who traveled to the golden gates that day About their family members and their friends and all effected,About the debris in the city, the after math, all the destruction.About the perpetrators, and their hatred of our lives. No one talks about the "randomly selected" Muslims in the airport,About the Arabic child with a clock who got in trouble for "bomb possession".No one talks about the thousands of people that get ridiculed for their culture or their skin.And those who do are looked down upon by many "patriotic" people. Each prejudiceAs hateful as the other, Cause this vicious cycle of hate to whirlwind.Day by day it grows into a hurricane.  But there is still hope,There is still a chance for love to spread.Though evil consumes humanity, one drop of understanding, respect, or kindness can affect millions. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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