Tue, 04/19/2016 - 22:39 -- Kae.D

A testament to the human soul is its duality.

Able to feel one thing at one time and another thing the very next.

But what testament is there to the human soul when these feelings are out of control? When light and dark clash to create a calamity of human emotion that turns good men cruel and evil men into redemption. The vast ocean of the human mind holds many secrets and deep in its waves lies the key to balance the light and dark. These secrets set in stone, read only by the soul alone, a balance of light, a balance of dark, yin and yang, never to be taken apart. To bathe in the light and ascend to Heaven, to fall from grace with the soul unleavened, a power and a danger seldom kept under control to have both the kindness of God and the wrath of the devil both lie in the human soul. Some may attribute this to the stars or a cosmic design; when in actuality it is the duality of the human mind. 

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