Dry the Waterdrop

Drown have I, 

In the depths of my darkest thoughts,

The words you spoke,

Roared through silenced waters,

The kindness in your smile,

Lit up the darkness I had swallowed and never spit out.


You inspire me,

Taught me how to fly in the clear blue sky,

And taught me how to crawl when I was down from it all.

So if it is with broken wings,

Or broken legs I must say,

Thank you for your compassion.


You have handed me back what was ripped apart,

By my doubt and heart.

I am no longer stone in a timeless puddle,

Because you came in and told me it was okay.

To be me,

To be us

To be free.


So if you hear no other spilled words from my mouth,

Listen to this.

You are a leader, a mentor, a friend,

Never change,

Never stop being the sun the dries the tears that close our mouths,

Never stop being yourself.

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