I didn't even know I could write! 

Isn't that funny? No one thinks they can write. 

Well, no one thinks they can write well. 

Actually, no one thinks they can write well *enough*

I suppose there's something about exposing your thoughts on paper

for the whole world to read that is just so intimidating 

As Hemingway once said, "Write drunk, edit sober"

They do call alcohol "liquid courage"

While it's a disgusting habit, it does have a way of loosening the tongue

loosening the mind

The thoughts flow freely and you feel as though every word

is an emotion

every sentence

a though

and you smile

because suddenly everything you write is okay and there is no room for judgement!

No room for feeling insecure!

You write and you write and you write and it all pours out 

like the gin from the bottle

and as the gin flows so do your thoughts until you can write no more 

and you fall asleep in a content slumber 

a dreamless slumber

dreamless because the thoughts that plagued you have now been exorcised

they are now on paper, on Microsoft Word doc, 

and they can not hurt you there. 


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