Drowning (In Thoughts)

Fri, 07/31/2015 - 19:44 -- Mew95


You're just a normal person

You live like everyone else

Happy, smiling, the most loved person in your circle of friends

Great grades, fantastic job, nothing could possibly be wrong

Sadness couldn't possibly trouble you

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong

But that's how you wanted it to seem

After the great day and after making plans, it's time to go home

Home is where the family you live with belongs

The family that doesn't notice

Doesn't watch what they say or consider your feelings when making decisions that leaves you feeling left out

Nobody likes what you like and bothers you with doing everything they should be helping you with

They don't notice what happens when you lock yourself in your room

Then this happens....

The darkness consumes what little light there was

Your thoughts suddenly bring up all your mistakes

All your regrets, poor decision making, great relationships you took for granted, all the stupid things you blurted out through out the day 

Suddenly you start to notice everyone that pointed and laughed at what you did with your hair

Another rumor was started by your sister and out of nowhere, you break down

Tears run down your cheeks as your chest starts constricting

The stress starts to choke you and the anxiety pulls and strains at your muscles 

That knot under your shiulder blade pains your back paralyzing your arm

The tears only flow harder

The silver is under your bed

It shines somehow in the dark

You want it all to end. You just want to be truly happy, The voices wont go away 

"Go ahead" "Nobody really cares" "Nobody even notices" "They are happier without you"


The mornig sun comes back up

The sun shines through soflty kissing your tear stricken face

It catches on the silver, with the reminder of last night on its blade

And on your wrist

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