Tue, 10/17/2017 - 12:57 -- Vone

Ripped off my dignity,

Shamed my endeared purity,

All misleading word,

Bad decisions, crowds.

I dwell in an imagination of,

What i would have done differently,

How i would have spoken wisely,

But i sit and mumble silently,

For spilt milk cant be recup’d,

Nor even slightly reversed,

Holding on to my regrets ,

Though only a fool regargitates,

In my silence i find peace,

In my head i freeze,

Time i could go back to,

Just to stop and listen to,

The voices in my head to,

Change a fate,

I wrote for myself, much distaste,

To my naivity that caused hate,

And personal blame that has created,

A hole inside me, can’t be rated

Just curled up, dull and frustrated

In my being and tears

That have flown by over years

And have pushed me to imagine life,

Without having to archive,

The emotions that drown me to dive,

To a darkness i face in my five,

But long hours of loneliness,

I wish for some happiness,

Or a ray of light before sunset,

And a way to change my mindset.

by Yvonne Sure


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