Drinking Narrows Reason

Drinking Narrows Reason I roamedThe minds of the few In narrow landWhere dogma burnedA bonfire of credoLit by torches of ignorance I felt mans pangs of consternationAnd pules of defeatSharp in my tummyMy affinity achedThe few were so thirsty  In narrow landFear ruledKept pedestrian logic in chainsThe many hoarded equalityBacame fat devouring sovereign fruitsEnnui turned and reached I felt the cold grip of tyranyIts plump fingers Struggled to choke the singularTo suffocate AutonomyAnd the scuffle became war In narrow landThe thirsty drank desireUntil quenched by this elixir of hopeThe few fought valiantlyAnd they were mighty 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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